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Branding Audit

Make sure your brand supports your marketing message


At Marketing Audit, we can offer you a comprehensive brand audit to check the viability and performance of your brands. It does not matter if you operate in the B2B or B2C marketplaces, brands are important.


The audit involves the following:

Brand metrics

We evaluate three main areas within metrics - the measurement of the effectiveness of your brand. These are:

Internal aspects

Internal aspects of your branding relate to your corporate resources, strategic goals and tactics, as follows:

Marketing segments

Your brand may appeal to more than one market segment, some of which you will actively pursue. We audit the approach your business has to the focused segments.


In doing this, we assess the size, geography, maturity and profile of the segment, the industry trends and buying practices within the segment/s, and compare this against your strategic plans.


Unique selling propositions

Your Unique Selling Propositions, or USP's will help differentiate your brand from others. This can include:


Where is your brand positioned against the competition, direct or indirect, and does the image of your brand support this?



What sort of persona does your brand have, from the product or service, the packaging, communications, logos, etc. We examine all of these elements to ensure a good fit with your strategic objectives.

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