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Pricing Overview

An indication of the pricing structure


Anyone could undertake a marketing audit, but misinterpreting the results can be dangerous. Most competent professional marketers can do a reasonable job at this, and internal professionals will provide you with an edge.


Unfortunately, you are just as likely to find prejudice negating the results of internal audits. At Marketing Audit, we not only offer our skills as experienced, qualified, professional marketers, but also our insight into business. As business mentors and with our track record of helping companies develop their marketing, we are well placed to provide you with an excellent service. And yes, you've guessed it, it is not a cheap option - you do need to be committed to the process as a whole.


Project Overview

We charge £80 per hour and the breakdown below is an indication of the probable costs. Please note that this is a bespoke service, and the indication is precisely that:

The average cost of an audit, based on the average timescales shown above (excluding implementation) is 2,500.

Payment breakdown

The project is broken into logical steps, which require part payment of the total project cost. These are broken down as follows: